BYOD, in their pocket!


Guests love stay-enhancing technology but only if it takes no extra efforts to use it. They also love their own mobile devices. Putting those two things together is called BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Some benefits:-
  • book a table in the restaurant, although they are coming late for dinner. Or, order room service while going back to the hotel,
  • no need to buy and periodically replace tablets in the rooms or kiosks in the lobby in order to provide advanced digital hotel services, 
  • no "abandoned apps" frustration. Travel apps are reported to be among the most often abandoned applications,
  • guests prefer to use their own devices as they trust them more. It is simple - I would rather enter passwords on my personal phone.
In the attempt to offer more guest services and please the customer, hoteliers often fall into the trap of installing expensive technology that finally remains unused and gains no revenue. ROOMeats is simple, powerful and a friendly BYOD solution. Guests get it!